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Katherine M. Joeright (nee Defranco), age 73, passed away Saturday, February 26, 2022 surrounded by family.


Kathy enjoyed giving back to her community, working hard on grants throughout the City of Lorain and working with all of her friends at the courthouse. She enjoyed riding her Motorcycle alongside her husband of 54 years, spending time with her family, gardening, the beach, and sharing her stories of her favorite place, the farm.


Kathy was well known for her compassion; she was a friend to anybody and helped everyone.


Kathy is survived by her husband Gary A. Joeright Sr., her children Penny S. (Gary) Joeright-Wypasek and Augustus Pasquale Wypasek (grand puppy), Theresa L. Joeright, and Gary A. Joeright Jr., her granddaughter Hannah, her sister Beverly Coreno and family, extended family, Teddy Joeright, John Scott (Tammy) Joeright, Tucker, and Carleigh Rose

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